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About Those Emails…

Still confused about the hacked emails and other data that the GOP andRussian Intelligence services (six of one) used to put Der Drumpf in the White House? So are we. Fortunately, Vox has done us all a service by doing a handy guide to what got stolen, why, and how it was used against the American nation.

Andrew Prokop, in The hacked emails at the center of Mueller’s Russia investigation, explained, looks at how the Russians, the Republican Party, and other enemies of the United States hacked the DNC’s emails and gleaned tons of information. As Prokop notes, that’s not particularly unusual. Intelligence services do that sort of thing all the time.

What was different was the Russians and the GOP then used it to put Trump into the White House, where he could be a handy puppet to Putin and American plutocrats.

The good news, says Prokop, is that the FBI and Robert Mueller are now on the case. More and more, the truth about the emails, and about Putin, and about the current crop of American traitors, is going to come out.

Which means things are going to get hot for the White House and the Orange One.

Funny. We heard so much about Clinton’s emails. Now, the real story is coming out, and the mail in question wasn’t really hers at all.