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A Response Memo to all Federal Workers (and All Americans)

So the President had his staff send a memo to 2 million federal workers saying they aren’t allowed to use the words “resist” or “impeachment.” Well folks, it doesn’t get any more fascist than that.  It is very common for fascists to start trying to limit speech or even specific words.  That is textbook,in fact.  So if anyone was actually still sitting on the fence trying to decide if Trump really is a fascist well he just proved it ONCE AGAIN.

Like I said, he doesn’t want any federal workers to mention the word “impeachment” either. Surprise! but Trump’s logic is false and overreaching.  His right to run a 2020 campaign (assuming he can even make it that far) doesn’t trump everyone else’s right to free speech or our right to talk about how our government system is supposed to work. (Let’s hope that the only 2020 term that Trump will be serving is 20 for treason and 20 for obstruction of justice.)  Anyway, maybe that’s how they do it in Russia, but that’s not how we do it in America.  See, here in America previous presidents have limited talk about their own impeachment by not being lying treasonous incompetent bastards.  They didn’t need to send out memos.  But I guess telling Trump not to lie or be incompetent is kind of like asking a dog not to wag it’s tail: it just goes completely against nature.

Here’s a fun office activity don’t mention “impeachment” but start a “New President Office Pool”.  Have everyone contribute $1 to pick the date they think we will have a new president.  Whoever is the closest wins all the dollars.  In case of a tie then pool is split evenly.  Or during your unpaid lunch (meaning is your time) a great conversation starter is someone like Obama could be president for 2 more years if called up from the Speaker of the House position or another high level position.

Here’s another fun activity.  Take a new interest in decorating your cubicle with with pictures of Marie Antoinette.  Cut out her head if you feel like it.  You can even periodically move her head around the picture to fit your mood.

Here’s a very short list of words or phrases that haven’t been suppressed yet.  So by all means fell free to use them as frequently as you desire considering they haven’t been “restricted” by a fascist yet.

#LaRésistance (better with a heavy French accent)


#FARTADMINISTRATION (Fascist Authoritarian Regime of Trump)


#FFF or Tripple “F”



#MakeObamaPresidentAgain (It is possible)

Or better yet try and get suspended by using the words “resist” and “impeachment” on purpose.  Chances are even if you get suspended after the ACLU takes your case you will end up with a really long paid vacation.  Who would have the last laugh there?  Certainly not Trump and the FART administration.

Does anyone who really just wants to retire already anyway know how to copy, paste, and “Reply All” to that memo?

by Chris Madsen