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“A Punishable Disgrace”: The Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard is by no means a liberal publication. It prides itself on being quite the opposite. Yet, following Trump’s bizarre, degrading, and disgusting performance in Helsinki, where he did everything short of licking Putin’s boots, the Standard’s editors could take no more.

Writing in Editorial: A Punishable Disgrace, the editors collectively rejected Trump and questioned his fitness to hold any office in American government, much less the presidency. They called his behavior “a new low,” and added that some action must be taken.

Most significant was the kind of action they called for. “Only one president in history, Andrew Jackson, has ever been censured by Congress, but Republicans on the Hill would not be out of line in seeking a formal censure of Donald Trump,” they noted. “We understand that such a measure would be largely symbolic. But symbols matter. It would be no small thing for congressional Republicans to declare, in a formal manner, that a president who coddles and defends an anti-American despot doesn’t deserve their support.”

This editorial stance is a fascinating and important development in the way the Right regards Trump. And it is heartening that at least in some quarters of Conservatism, there are still men and women of honor who are willing to speak out against this man who would be King.