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A Message From Our Editors: Write For Us!

Hello, Everyone! If you’re seeing this, you may be a regular reader of LR Net. That means that you have Progressive, or at least anti-Trump opinions. You may also be seeking a place to express those opinions.

So, once again, we’d like to extend an invitation to join us as a contributor. Got an essay that is just burning a hole in your word processor? Send it our way. Done a poem that expresses your loathing of current politics? We’d like to look at it. Or, maybe you’re a visual artist and you’ve done an image or meme that expresses just what you think about 45. We’d love to see it.

In fact, we’re open to pretty much anything—non-fiction, fiction, poetry, texts of all sorts, songs and music, even videos—so long as they take a strong stand for freedom and against Trump. About the only things we won’t take are calls for violence, material that supports Trump or the Racist Right, and texts or other works that use the language of the Left to support corrupt causes (for example, people who say that “both the GOP and the Democrats are exactly alike, so don’t bother to vote.” It was nonsense like that helped put Der Drumpf in the White House).

So, give us a shout. Have something to contribute, send a note to our editors at mjat6677@gmail.com.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The Editors