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A House Trump Divided

William B. Turner

The Donald claimed while he was running for president that he wanted to unite the county.  This after stating in his campaign announcement speech that most Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers and proposing to prohibit Muslims from entering the country entirely. I guess his unity excluded the Mexicans and their descendants, and all Muslims, who live in this pluralistic nation of 300 million people. Huh.

We are now firmly divided as a nation, and the dividing point is the Donald himself. The Donald’s approval rating at this writing is all the way up to 40.7%, which is very good for the so called president. His approval has been historically low for most of his short time in office. Democratic members of the House of Representatives have introduced articles of impeachment now twice. His conduct prompted the appointment of a special prosecutor, who is hot on his heels.

The available evidence suggests that he has a rump of loyal supporters who will continue to believe in him, no matter how bad it gets. That is one side of the Trump Divide.

On the other side of the Trump Divide are the smart people, who could tell long before he announced that he is grossly incompetent and should never have got anywhere near the presidency.

Too bad the good cowards in the Republican Party recognized that they dare not anger further their already angry base, that motley crew of white supremacists and related ne’er do wells who have been swallowing the Nixonian dog whistle racism since 1968 and firmly believe the sotto voce message Republicans have been delivering all that time: most of what the federal government does is take money from hard working white people to give it to lazy black people (if you’re not black, think about it – when was the last time you saw a black person who wasn’t at work?).  So the Republican cowards had to let him commandeer their Party for his own nefarious purposes.

Happily, if the Donald’s approval ratings and the outcome of the popular vote in 2016 – remember, the other candidate won by nearly 3 million votes – are any indicator, the smart people are the majority, and the so called president only got there by dint of the fluke that is built into our Constitution that we lovingly call the electoral college.

We can assume we will hear much wailing and moaning from the Donald side – they are loud, even if they are the minority, which is how we do things in the United States with our protections for free speech and free press – when the special prosecutor releases his report and any further indictments, potentially including the president himself, and even more so if Democrats regain control of Congress and proceed with impeachment, but, as keeps happening to the so called president, it seems reasonable to expect that our well established institutions, especially the Constitution, will restrain the worst impulses of the rabble would would tear down everything in the hopes of some fantasy improvements they think they can make.