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A Field Guide to Christians

Having trouble telling one Evangelist from another? Not sure if the Christian you’re dealing with hates you or not?

Well, help is at hand. Writing in Raw Story, Sarah Burns says that a “A new report from the Center for Religion and Civil Culture at the University of Southern California revealed that evangelical Christians can be divided into five different sects” The five are “Trump-vangelicals, Neo-fundamentalist evangelicals, iVangelicals, Kingdom Christians, and Peace and Justice evangelicals.”

These five range from Trump-loving reactionaries (the Trump-vanelicals) through people who might be called the Christian Left (The Peace and Justice evangelicals). You can expect to be loathed by the first group, but liked by the last, with various degrees of acceptance or rejection from the three in the middle.

So if you’re not sure what kind of Christian you’re dealing with, check out the report. Always good to have a scorecard.