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A Few Sane Proposals for America

We could end most American involved wars if we had a smaller paid standing military and the first to come up for draft were the children of the richest families. Many aren’t actually working so they do have the time.  Or due to their privilege they could easily resume their position if they ever come back.  We could take the money saved and easily pay off national debt.  Just think of all the national grief we could have been saved if “cadet bone spurs” was actually required to go to Vietnam.

Food prices should reflect income/wealth levels.  The greediest person who has hoarded the most money should have to forfeit everything for their next bite of food.  All food prices should reflect income and wealth levels.  And if anyone complains about having to buy a $100,000 Big Mac and the overall price of food.  We can nicely remind them, “How do you think the poor have felt for centuries?”

Don’t worry if they refuse to eat then we will also hit the greediest person with a 100% death tax.  Don’t worry this person won’t starve after they’ve forfeited everything for that next plate of food they will get a monthly stipend called “food stamps”.  And everyone can just remind them they should have played the game better and thought things through better. Anyone in the top 10% should pay their standing as a death tax.  The 99% percentile pays a 99% death tax, 95% pays 95%, 90% pays a 90% death tax.  Don’t worry we want to make sure their kids will get something.  So we can make sure Social Security pays a decent stipend for a burial or cremation.

Trump was right about something there is a minority that is ruining this country: they are called the very wealthy.  My point with this article is theoretically the masses have the ability to control legislation and turn the tables on the true minority that is ruining this country: the very wealthy.

By Chris Madsen