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A Few Good Videos

So there’ve been so very cool videos on the web this week. When you get a chance, check out:

This one we got from our friend and contributor William Albee. I’ve got 99 problems…palsy is just one, a TED talk by Maysoon Zayid is both hilarious and inspiring. Zayid is a feminist, a Palestinian-American, a Muslim, a standup comic, and a person with cerebral palsy. Her humor ranges from the quite gentle to the truly biting. Her bravery, meanwhile, in the face of racism, sexism, and disability-bias is astonishing. Perhaps the most stunning line is “Disability is as visual as race.”

Definitely watch it. This is an amazing individual.

America Actually Has Six Political Parties by Robert Reich. In this very interesting piece, Reich argues that there are now actually six, not two political parties in American—Establishment Republicans (CEOs,etc.) , Anti-Establishment Republicans (Tea Partiers, Libertarians), Social Conservative Republicans (the Christian Values Crowd), Establishment Democrats (CEOs, Wall Streeters), Anti-Establishment Democrats (Progressives, etc.), and Trumpisters. Reich argues that anyone who can put together an alliance of two or so of these parties can win the country. In particular, he seems to favor either an alliance of Establishment Republicans and Establishment Democrats, or a coalition of Anti-Establishment Rep and Anti-Establishment Dems.

Agree? Disagree? Watch the video and see what you think.

Speaking of Establishment Republicans, if you haven’t already seen the thing, tis probably worthwhile to watch Sen. Jeff Flake’s (R-Ariz.) epic take-down of Trump, and to read his op-ed in the Washington Post on the same subject. They make for very enjoyable viewing and reading respectively.

The open question, though, is whether or not Senator Flake’s beau geste will do any good. There are, at the moment, two general interpretations of events. In the first, Flake’s declaration of war against the Trump administration will at least accelerate the GOP’s disintegration, and, at most, perhaps even inspire other, moral men and women in the Republican Party to follow his lead in opposing the current American fascism. In the second, though, Flake’s voluntary exile from Congress (which saved him from a bruising primary and almost certain defeat at the hands of a more extremist individual) will simply accelerate the Steve Bannonization of the Republican party, and, if we’re very unlucky, of the Congress itself.

Meanwhile, Brave New Films (a maker of really hard-hitting documentaries and short non-fiction cinema) has released its newest blockbuster, Immigrant Prisons, a terrifying examination of system that arrests, imprisons, and exploits indivdauls who may (or may not) be undocumented. It isn’t much known outside a select few, but this country maintains a whole mini-Gulag of detention centers where the undocumented are imprisoned, frequently subjected to abuse, and sometimes used as underpaid (or un-paid) forced labor.

Definitely worth a view. But get ready to be enraged.