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A Father Risen, In His Fury

There is a fascinating article over on the Guardian site, Fred Guttenberg will not sit down: Florida father demands gun reform by Lois Beckett. Guttenberg was, alas, one of the parents who lost a child in the Parkland shooting. But, now, notes Ms. Beckett, he is after justice. He has thrown himself in the struggle for gun control, and against the NRA.

The story, and Mr. Guttenberg’s crusade, are powerful and moving. This is the tale of a parent who faced the worst life can offer.

It is also a warning…to the National Rifle Association and all its creatures. Dana Loesch may show her hourglass and more or less openly call for the assassination of Liberals (“Your time is up!”). Wayne LaPierre may call for guns in every classroom and wave his phallic substitutes about in public places. Alex Jones may gibber and squeak about False Flags and Crisis Actors…

But it will not matter. This time, the NRA has taken on the wrong people. Mr. Guttenberg will not go away. The young people in Parkland and other places are marching as to war, without fear.

This time, they will not be intimidated, or outlasted, or ignored. It may take them years, but they have years, and they have great injuries to avenge. They, unlike their foes, will not shed blood…but neither will they be deterred.

If I were Loesch, or LaPierre, or Jones…

I would worry.

For not liberals, but they confront the glass…

And watch the sands flowing away.