A Deal For The Great Deal Maker - Liberal Resistance

A Deal For The Great Deal Maker

by Harvey Green

How about this deal for the Deal-Maker in Chief:

Elizabeth Warren gets a DNA/ancestry test done if he takes an IQ test and a high school History exam?

Of course he would have to be proctored by the biggest, meanest history professor in the US (who was a Democrat, of course).  It’s not like a think he would cheat, of course, but you know….  [Sound of thunder and a crack of lightning]

The Montana rally was off-the-charts crazy, and threatening.  He is behaving and talking like the standard tyrant and despot that made so much of the twentieth century a disaster.  Mussolini, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Franco, Stalin, Salazar, Pinochet….   (Why is that list seemingly endless?)