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A Call To Arms

The Liberty Bell cannot be Un-rung

By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog

Our forefathers brought forth on this continent a new nation… that is today imperiled as never before by a dystopian dictator in the White House who collaborated with the Russians to rig the election. Donald Trump is not only our illegitimate President, he is a traitor who should be tried and hanged for treason. The election was rigged. The results of the election are invalid and everything Trump has done in office, all the bills and executive orders he has signed and the appoints he has made must be nullified. Trump cheated and that makes Hillary Clinton the rightful President of the United States of America


We are American, we are the Resistance. Our proud history includes the resistance to British rule, the resistance to slavery in the South, the resistance to the exploitation of workers, the resistance to segregation, the resistance to the Viet Nam War then and the resistance now to the criminal regime of Donald Trump and the billionaires behind him who have bought our government and given themselves the most outrageous tax cut in history at the expense of the America people.


This clever devil has divided our nation giving rise to White Nationalism. Trump and his Republican cohorts in Congress have seized power and are transforming America into a corrupt Nazi dictatorship where the rich are obscenely rich, the people are pawns, and the nation is deeply divided by a second civil war.  


Our birthright is Democracy. We defeated the British, we defeated the slave owners in the South who started the Civil War, we defeated segregation, we ended the war in Viet Nam, and we will defeat and destroy the government of Donald Trump and these Republican traitors in Congress.


The Liberty Bell has a crack in it. I like to think it’s there to remind us that our freedom is ever in danger and we must be diligent. We must be prepared to fight, to resist the forces of evil from without and from within that would divide us, exploit us, enslave us and imperil the future of mankind.


The Liberty Bell has rung in the name of freedom for all the world to hear, and it cannot be un-rung.


The Parkland High School Shooting


In the after math of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 that left 17 dead, Parkland students led by David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez took center stage as they launched the protest for gun control nationwide. They started with a simple boycott of First National Bank of Omaha.

Congress refuses to pass common-sense gun control… why?

The National Rifle Association bribes members of Congress with obscene campaign contributions to not pass gun laws.

Our system of government is called a “Representatives Democracy” which is not really a Democracy. Why? Because our representatives take unlimited bribes from special interests such as the NRA. Representatives do not represent the America People or the Common Good as much as they represent best the special interests that contribute most.

So the question become who to the Parkland Students and decent America who believe in Democracy, force the members of Congress to pass common-sense gun laws? Therein lies the rub. But Parkland Students are up to the task. They invented some new ideas, new approaches to petitioning Congress for the redress of grievances and defeat the NRA’s control over Congress.

The student boycott of First National Bank of Omaha succeeded before it made headlines


In an unusual and unprecedented act of protest, Parkland Students targeted First National Bank of Omaha. They didn’t boycott old school by refusing to bank there. Instead, they took to their smartphones calling First Nation Bank of Omaha to demand the bank stop sponsoring NRA credit cards. They occupied the phones. They began blockading the bank’s communications, which threatened to disrupt business and start a run on the bank.

The Parkland Student Phone Boycott.

Students and their supporters began making phone calls to the bank until the calls began to disrupt business as usual.

The Phone Boycott was over in under ten days with only about 4,000 calls a day coming into the bank. The First National Bank surrendered before the Phone Boycott had a chance to go viral.

First National Bank

✔ @FNBOmaha

Customer feedback has caused us to review our relationship with the NRA. As a result, First National Bank of Omaha will not renew its contract with the National Rifle Association to issue the NRA Visa Card.

12:22 PM – Feb 22, 2018

“Customer feedback” threatened to overload their phones, cut off their communications and disrupt their business. The high and mighty First National Bank, the largest privately held bank in America, saw the hand writing on the wall, and they capitulated.

It was a Smartphone Boycott where students and their supporters occupied the phones in solidarity. They used their phones to social network, to spread the word and activate activists to join in calling. They made free phone calls to overload the phones, interrupt business and convince the bank to drop the NRA. The Parkland Students occupied the phones at the bank… and the bank surrender in under ten days.

Why didn’t the bank publicly cry about being the target of a “denial of service attack” and have the police try to arrest four thousand protesters for calling? The bank didn’t take it to court to try to prove that the protesters committed a crime by simply calling to complain. Apparently, the bank realized that by the time they got to court, the bank would be bankrupt, and no jury in the world is going find consumers guilty of calling a business to complain… especially when it’s money lenders and the business us usury. What jury is going to want the police violating the sacrosanct rights of all consumers (themselves included) to call a business open to the public… for whatever reason they damn well feel like whenever they damn well want to? How can you compare the right of one business to make money as opposed to the rights of 7 billion consumers to call and complain?

Arrest one protester and have 7 billion angry people with phones left to call… with a vengeance.

The bank saw the potential danger in telling 7 billion people in the world with phones, “Don’t call our bank… or we’ll have you all arrested.” A large percentage of those 7 billion consumers are highly likely to take the threat to violate their rights to use their phones personally and call and tell the bank to “Go to hell!”

In under ten days, Parkland students boycotting by phone taught First National Bank a lesson never to be forgotten. This is a victory for the Parkland Students, for the Resistance, for social activists and freedom fighters everywhere that will live in history. Occupy the phones, and we have the power to bring the biggest banks on Wall Street to their knees.

The Liberty bell of freedom is ringing and it cannot be un-rung.

The world heard it, but the people have not understood it.

The news media glossed over it. They reported it, but they did not understand it. Activists simply do not understand the power in this new tactic, this new approach to protesting not by land or by sea but by phone. The Parkland Students discovered how to weaponize their smartphones turn them into assault weapons for social protest. Even the students don’t realize what they have discovered.


The Bank of America Phone Boycott

Call Bank of America in solidarity and occupy the phones. Tell Bank of America to tell Congress to protect the special counsel’s investigation and impeach Trump… or Congress could lose Bank of America and Merrill Edge…

Occupy the phones, overload them with calls, put a chokehold on their communications, interrupt business as usual and cost the bank enough money to get their attention. Force Congress to impeach President Trump… just to save Bank of America from going under. The GOP Republicans are in control of Congress, but they can’t afford to lose Bank of America and face an economic meltdown on Wall Street.

Take the Resistance to the next level. Step up from boycotting First National Bank of Omaha to boycotting Bank of America. Step up from a million protesters marching in the streets to a million callers blocking the phones at Bank of America and their stock brokers Merrill Lynch.

The difference between First National Bank and Bank of America is size. BofA is one of the 5 big banks on Wall Street. They are a key player in the Shadow Government that owns a big stake in Congress and the President. When Bank of America speaks, Congress listens.

The best way, the only way realty, to reach Congress is to peacefully call Bank of America, non-violently overload their communications, disrupt their business until their customers turn on them. When we occupy the phones at Bank of America, it’s only a matter of time until stockholders panic and start dumping their stock and depositors start a run on the bank.

The Bank of America Phone Boycott will make news

… it will go viral. News of the protest will activate protesters with smartphones to social network activating others to join in calling Merrill Edge in cities around the world. The International Bank of America Phone Boycott will grow and multiply and spread like a computer virus among people in cities everywhere who hate Bank of America/ Merrill Edge and fear the insane President of the United States.

Congress will pass common-sense gun laws, protect the Trump-Russia investigation and impeach Trump for treason; or Congress will lose Bank of America/ Merrill Edge and run the risk of financial melt-down on Wall St.

All we have to do Occupy the Phones and keep calling Bank of America until the volume of our calls disrupts their business … and Congress gets the message.

Join the Resistance.

Occupy the Phones. Call the nearest branch of BofA let them hear the sound of the invasion in their offices with their phones ringing off the hook.

Call in solidarity and help put a chokehold on the communications at Bank of America, disrupt business and cost them money… a great deal of money. Hold the bank hostage and exercise leverage over Congress. Congress will meet our demands because Congress cannot afford to lose BofA.

Let’s be reasonable.

No one wants to see Bank of America go bankrupt because they can’t answer their phones. All Congress has to do is bend the knee and meet our demands and the invisible army of the Resistance will stop calling. All Republicans who control Congress have to do is pass sensible gun control, impeach Trump and put him on trial for treason and do the job the American people elected them to do. America is a Democracy and We the People have smartphones, we now have the weapons of non-violent warfare to secure the supreme power over our government.

The terrify roar of battle, the resound clamor of phones ringing off the hook in the offices of Bank of America and Merrill Edge driving them into chaos, this is the deafening thunder of doom to those in power; but to us this is the sound of the Liberty Bell ringing loud and clear, this is the sweet sound of freedom and justice in America ringing out all over the land.