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Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson are Hittin ‘em where it Hurts   Editor’s Note: LR Net doesn’t usually run music criticism. However, this piece, by Michael E. Berumen, seems to us to be important on both an aesthetic and also a political level. In it, Berumen looks at a recent work by Miley Cyrus and…

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Speaker Pelosi Liberals: Get on Board

By Michael E. Berumen      A new Speaker of the House will be elected by the incoming Democratic majority soon. Not nearly soon enough for many of us. The Minority Leader and former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, remains the odds-on favorite to ascend to the role, one that is perhaps more important than it has been…

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Trumpism is Racist and Misogynistic

By Michael E. Berumen It is time for liberals in the broadest sense of the term to come to grips with something many have avoided, heretofore–––­­­partly from gentility, partly from denial, and partly from benign ignorance. It is obvious that to support Donald J. Trump as President of the United States is, in effect, to…

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On Fascism

By Michael E. Berumen   The appellation fascist or fascism has been applied to many people and movements over the years, and more often than not, it has been used incorrectly etymologically, that is, in terms of its historical and philosophical origins. Most often it has been used by the left to describe people or…

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Abolish the Anachronistic Second Amendment!

animated GIF of flaming gun

By Michael E. Berumen For some years now, after one horrific mass-shooting and another, many liberals begin their lamentations and calls for more reasonable gun control with a de rigueur introductory qualification, “I support the Second Amendment, but…” or “I support the right to bear arms and I own weapons myself, but…” Here are my…

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Whistling Past the Graveyard

We’re Just Whistling Past the Graveyard if We Don’t Focus on Defeating Republicans at Every Level By Michael E. Berumen In the wake of the most recent school shooting tragedy in Florida, there is the customary hue and cry of media cognoscenti, gun control activists, and many politicians professing outrage. Social media are abuzz with…

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Polemic on Politicians and Society

The Sage

By Michael E. Berumen I don’t mean this in a personal way. It’s not about a particular politician, though I could name many–––but I simply don’t like politicians as a class, and that is true notwithstanding their political orientation, indeed, even when I agree with many of their positions. There are times I might even…

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Conformity, Obedience, and Moral Courage

An Essay On The Importance of Moral Leadership by Michael E. Berumen How can it be that one social order is motivated to enslave others simply because of their race? How could the civilization that produced Goethe, Kant, and Beethoven also commit genocide upon literally millions of people? Why is one group of people so…

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The “American Idolization” of Popular Music

By Michael E. Berumen How did popular music become like the high school musical?  Something happened after the 1980s, and while I like a good chorus line or glee club performance as much as the next guy, I get tired of too much Broadway and school auditorium music. It doesn’t get me out of my…

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