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8chan Is Down…but will it stay down?

As of 5 August, the 8chan site (8ch.net) was gone from the web. Companies which had provided servers and security to the site declined to continue service, and thus the site was silenced.

On the one hand, this is a very good thing. 8chan had hosted posts from virulent white nationalists and had tolerated even calls for violence. Most recently, it hosted the El Paso shooter’s anti-immigrant screed.

On the other hand, not everyone on 8chan posted to the parts of the site which were racist or neo-Nazi. Doubtless many 8chan users when there only for the readily available anima and nudes. The question is whether such users had their own rights violated when 8chan went down.

Also, 8chan may not stay dead. Such sites have a tendency to reappear in new forms.

But, still, at least in the short run, 8chan will not be widely missed. It had linked itself far too closely to a form of “free speech” that included violence and hate.