4th of July, We Will Endure - Liberal Resistance

4th of July, We Will Endure

It’s the Fourth of July!

Today, we should all be proud of our nation and what it has managed to achieve over the centuries. We have a lot of flaws, but we’ve done much to right our wrongs, and are doing more each day.

But we should also be wary. Our ship of state is in very troubled waters at the moment. At home, we wrestle with the consequences of several questionable elections, and an electoral college that consistently favors the minority over the majority, and a shadowy network of obscenely wealthy people who are funding our drift toward dictatorship, and a man in the White House who should never have been anywhere near the place.

Abroad, meanwhile, we face new challenges and new threats, ranging from China to Russia to grinding low-intensity wars…

None of those things are good.


Let’s not despair. We have faced worse before. In 1941, we found ourselves in a war we did not expect and were not equipped to fight. Just a few years before, we had the most crippling economic downturn, the Depression, of our history.

And we need to keep in mind that not long ago, in the 1860s, we were at war with ourselves…as brother fought brother in one of the bloodiest conflicts of our history. (Civil Wars always have a unique capacity for the terrible.)

Somehow, we survived all that.

We will survive this as well.

And maybe, just maybe…

We’re be stronger than ever.