2020 Election…
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2020 Election…

Virtual Reality2 Host and commentator Marc Keyser

Millions of Americans hoping for a bigger than ever Blue Wave in 2020 to vote Trump and his Republican collaborators in Congress out of office, may be in for a shock… there might not be an election in 2020.

The future of U.S. democracy will be on the ballot next year. No one should pretend otherwise. Yes, but will Trump create a nation crisis and declare a National Emergency as an excuse to shut down the polls?

Columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. writing for the Washington Post points out his article that the 2020 issue that matters is democracy itself.

The future of the nation rests on the sanity of President Donald J. Trump. We know that Trump is growing more and more mentally unstable. But how far will Trump go to avoid being voted out of office so he does not go to prison for the rest of his life?

Dionne Jr. writes, “We witnessed President Trump’s obvious disdain for democratic rights and liberties once again last week during his warm encounter in Japan with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.”

Let’s focus on the horror of our president making light of Russian interference in our election during his Friday meeting with Putin and yukking it up with the Russian president over how bad members of the media are. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, since Putin took power, 25 journalists have been murdered in his country. Many of them were investigating his regime.

Referring to the journos in the room, Trump said: “Get rid of them. ‘Fake news’ is a great term, isn’t it? You don’t have this problem in Russia, but we do.” (Putin has killed some 25 journalists in Russia so far that we know of.)

To which Putin responded, in English: “We also have. It’s the same.”

Which is worse: Trump’s seeming appreciation for the brutal control Putin exercises over his country, or the Russian leader claiming our two countries are “the same”?

When Trump was asked if he would discuss election interference with Putin, our president did a fair imitation of an insolent high school student. He turned to the Russian boss, smiled, and said, “Don’t meddle in the election, please. Don’t meddle in the election.” Putin laughed. Was he laughing at us?

Winning is not supposed to be everything; but for Trump, this time, it is. If Trump lose the 2020 election, Trump goes to prison.

Will there be an election in 2020?

Trump knows he may lose the election even with another sustained and systematic attack on the election process from the Russians. And if Trump loses, he’s going to be indicted and go to prison for the rest of his life.

Trump Plan B

What if Trump is working with Russia to rig the election just as he did in 2016; but this time he’s prepared to cancel the elections if he can’t win by cheating. 

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Trump’s base is not enough, and his own advisers know it, @ThePlumLineGS writes

The 2020 election may be the most important election in the nation’s history. It may also the first election in the nation’s history to be shut down by the sitting President.

The only reason Donald J. Trump is not in prison is because he’s president and he can’t be indicted. With Republicans in control of the Senate, Trump is not going to be impeached.

We know from Special Counsel Muller’s report that the Russians attacked our election with a sweeping systematic campaign to disrupt and help Trump win. That makes the results of the election invalid and Trump’s presidency illegitimate. Donald J.Trump is not the duly elected President of the United States of America.

However under the Constitution, there is no Olympics Committee to disqualify him and strip him of his title as President of the United States of America like they do with atheletes who cheat using enhansement drugs. The only remedy for a presidential candidate who cheats to win is impeachment, which is not going to happen with this Republican controlled Senate.

If the 2020 election takes place, Trump is likely to lose and that means going to prison for life.

Trump is becoming more erratic which makes him more dangerous. The closer we come to the election, the more desperate he is likely to become… his only option may be to start a war- or some other crisis- and create enough chaos in the streets to justify shutting down the 2020 election in order to stay in office and out of prison.

Can the President do that? There’s nothing to stop Trump from doing it.

Special Counsel Mueller could not indict him, the police cannot arrest him, his corrupt cabinate will not remove him on the grounds of mental incapacity, Congress will not impeach him as long as Mitch McConnell and Trump Republicans control the Senate, the media cannot shame him, and anti-Trump protests in the streets are just pissing in the wind.

War, what is it good for?

What if Trump is pushing for war with Iran, not so he can make America safe again and bring peace to the Middle East, but so he can create enough chaos in the streets to justify cancelling the 2020 elections?

Trump is wagging the dog, he is playing the Iran card. He is fabricating a war to divert the nation’s attention away from his failures, and strengthen his power as a war-time President. But is there more to it?

Amid the growing cries for impeachment, Trump’s daily slop bucket of crazy ideas and lies is not enough of a public distraction. It will not win the election for him. Trump needs a wag-the-dog war… any war will do.

President Obama negotiated the Iran Nuclear Agreement in 2015, which was working. Trump tore up the agreement even though several European nations remain involved.

Trump was ready to launch a military strike against Iran, but he called it off at the last minute.

Instead, Trump announced that he will add to existing sanctions on Iran and escalate the tensions, after the Islamic republic admitted Monday that it surpassed uranium enrichment levels that were set by the Iran Nuclear Agreement in 2015.

Trump is taking America to the brink of a war with Iran that could be disastrous on both sides. Not because he cares about bringing peace to the Middle East. He wants to create chaos in the streets of America to seize absolute power. Would Trump risk a war in the Middle East that could escalate into nuclear holocaust? Would Trump risk a war that could bring Middle East terrorists to America on a scale larger than the 9/11 attack.

Will Trump go to Plan B?

If Trump starts a war with Iran, Trump becomes a war-time president with immense war powers. Trump is Commander and Chief rallying not just his base of supporters but the nation… as wars do.

A war with Iran- or any war- will ignite mass anti-war protests in the streets. All Trump needs to do is tweet THE BASE and call up his dark army of armed and dangerous paramilitary KKK-Nazis to take it to the streets in protest against the peaceful anti-Trump protesters, turn the protests violent.

Trump unleashes his army of armed followers and starts a civil war in the streets. Trump causes the chaos, then he is “forced” to call in the military and declare a National Emergency to quell the “domestic violence” he created. President Trump has “no choice” but to uphold “law and order” and declare Martial Law. Which means the mass arrest of peaceful anti-war protesters to protect Trump’s violent KKK-Nazi supporters.

Trump would, of course, have no choice but to crack down on the “fake media”, the enemy of the People. He could muzzle media outlets, arrest reporters and incite his more mentally unstable and violent followers to attack and perhaps assassinate Trump’s “enemies” the way Putin does in Russia. Trump would be forced to limit free speech on social media as an emergency wartime measure.

Trump would have no choice but to suspend the 2020 elections because of the chaos he created in order to suspend the elections.

There is a growing majority of people in the country who will turn out just to vote against Trump. The next Blue Wave could be far bigger than the last Blue Wave. If Trump is voted out of office, he goes to prison… or an institution for the criminally insane.

Trump must shut down the election, so he can stay in the White House and Mitch McConnell can stay in control of the Senate

Trump joked with his supporters at a recent rally that he’ll possibly serve five presidential terms… only his supporters know he’s not joking. Donald J. Trump has plans to be America’s first unelected President for life. There’s nothing that can stop him… or so he believes.

The call for impeachment

We need to combine People Power with smartphone technology. We need a new, non-violent, more powerful, high tech means of peaceful protest that is potentially so costly to Congress and Wall Street that our demands cannot be ignored.

We must overthrow the de facto Dictator in the White House, this narsistic predator who is a threat to America and the world. We need to steam roll Mitch McConnell and Trump Republicans in the Senate and force them to impeach Donald J. Trump.

We must impeach and remove President Trump now to ensure that we have elections in 2020 where we can vote in a new Democratic President and a majority of Democratic members of Congress who will repair the damage and restore Democracy.

Join the Phone Protest

Power Protest peacefully by phone without clashes with the riot police and Trump’s violent fascist followers in the streets. Call Bank of America 800-732-9194 in solidarity, jam their phones, disrupt their corrupt business empire and give them a run on the bank. Give Senate Republicans a choice: Impeach Trump or lose Bank of America.

Why call Bank of America? 

Why not call Bank of America that’s where the money is? Bank of America is a corrupt global financial empire. They played a leading role in the Housing Market Fraud that caused the depression in 2008. They are a key player in the shadow government that controls our government. When Bank of America speaks, Congress listens. Mitch McConnell and his Senate Republicans cannot afford a phone blockade at Bank of America that starts a run on the bank and crashes their stock because of the backlash from the donor class.

Demonstrate in front of the nearest Bank of America/Merrill Lynch to draw media attention and news coverage.

Take your money out of Bank of America to be safe. Don’t get caught in the run on the bank.

Social network, go viral, and activate people around the globe to join us calling Bank of America.

Congress will impeach Trump for obstruction of justice; or Congress will face a run on Bank of America and risk a melt down on Wall Street. Let Bank of America and Congress do the redemptive suffering until Trump is impeached and removed from office.

A Call to Arms.

Weaponize your phone. There is a powerful synergy when we use our smartphones to call Bank of America and spread the word on social media to encourage others to join in calling from around the world.

When we power protest by phone, calling in solidarity, and social networking, we are an overwhelming force of Resistance. When we stand fast on the phones and call in solidarity, thousands, become hundreds of thousands that become the millions of callers as the word spreads. When the People speak on the phones with one voice, when we call in solidarity, when we place sanctions on Bank of America, we will be heard loud and clear in Washington as we shake Congress to it’s foundations.

We cannot afford to wait and find out how insane Trump is and desperate measures he will take to hold on to power to escape going to prison.

Marc Keyser is a writer and activist who has pioneered the use of the cellphone as an instrument of mass protest. The opinions expressed here are his own.

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