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Go Rogue!

Someone signing him/herself “Rogue WH Snr Advisor” has been posting funny and/or important insider info on Twitter for years now. He or she has just teased the Web with the following. Let’s hope we’ll finally get a look at the Good Joker behind the mask 🙂   On Dec 1st I’ll be announcing my run…

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Check Out Chris Madsen’s New Blog

Long term readers will recall that Chris Madsen has been a frequent contributor to our site. We’ve happy to report that he has established a new blog page where he will be posting much more of his well-written and always fascinating material. Do give it a glance. It is at:

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Video: Red Sun Rising

Desert 1

William Happer has left the White House along with his friend John Bolton. That is a very good thing. Happer is among the world’s leading climate change denialists. And the one thing we don’t need right now is one of those in any position of power.      

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Meme: Learn From Canada

Time for some new laws.  Or maybe social media giants like Facebook shouldn’t be allowed to cover news either if it willingly runs and distributes lies.

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Rubber Spine GOPers

If I wanted to see contortionists I would go to Cirque du Soleil It’s far more entertaining than watching Republican senators try to defend the President. — Dan Rather (@DanRather) November 10, 2019

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