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Trump In Trouble For 2020?

Hopeful piece in the Washington Post: Trump is in serious danger, and his own advisers know it, by Greg Sargent. In the op-ed, Mr. Sargent argues that Trump’s chance in the 2020 election are slim and getting slimmer all the time, and his own in-house pundits know that fact. They are also starting to panic,…

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Unions Are BACK!

From Jacobin Magazine: Americans Are Starting to Love Unions Again, “Labor union approval is now higher than at nearly any point in the last 50 years. The reasons: shit pay, teacher strikes, and Bernie Sanders,” by Meagan Day. And it is about time, in our humble opinion. Too many Americans thought they could be white…

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Trump Tactic: Conspiracy Theories

From the Hill: Trump preps conspiracy theory to explain faltering economy Rather than admit he’s made mistakes, he’ll blame it all on the left, “Does President Trump have a political strategy for dealing with a downturn? It appears that he does. He’s trying to turn the economic issue into a social issue. How? By hyping…

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WordPress Folks Buy Tumblr

So much for moralizing prudes. Tumblr, the blogging platform that was burning up the track until it was acquired by Yahoo, has once more been sold, this time to Automattic Inc., the folks who do the WordPress online publishing tool. (The present author is using WordPress to write this piece.) The sale is reportedly at…

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Trump & The Steel Collar Worker

Trump came to power partly by promising jobs to everyone…at least everyone who was white and a conservative. But the reality is that he can’t and he won’t deliver on that promise. Economics and technology make it impossible for him to do so. Consider this article from Barrons: One Area of the Industrial Economy Is…

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