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Overt Racist Withdraws From Race

Rare bit of good news. A woman running for city council of Marysville, Mich., openly said that she thought the best way to improve the city was to keep it “as white as possible.” No. We’re not making that up. The good news is that she’s since withdrawn from the race. About time. We were…

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Eye on the Prize

As we get closer and closer to the 2020 election there is one very important thing I want to say (and I’m not the only one saying it either). At all times we must keep the focus on the main goal to oust the current president from the White House. We should all be able…

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Fracking Is Freaking Us Out

Desert 1

From Newsweek: Fracking in U.S. And Canada Linked to Worldwide Atmospheric Methane Spike But, of course, natural gas is so much better for the environment…not.

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Ayn Randians Dying Out?

From The New Republic: The Last of the Ayn Rand Acolytes, “This year’s Objectivist Conference revealed that her cult of hyper-capitalism has a major recruiting problem: All the young people want to be socialists!” Let’s hope so. Not that we’re particularly Marxist or anything, but, come on! She wrote with all the grace and wit…

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Trump Doesn’t See Nerds And Nurses

Interesting article on the Atlantic’s website about the developing American economy. Basically, says Derek Thompson, recent government reports indicate that increasingly the drivers of economic growth will be “nerds and nurses,” that is, people who work in high tech or hearth care. But the scary thing is that Trump and his enables don’t seem to…

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The Richer Get Richer. The Poor…

From the Economic Policy Institute: CEO compensation has grown 940% since 1978, Typical worker compensation has risen only 12% during that time And you were wondering why people are full of rage.

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Trump Connection To Violence

From ABC: ‘No Blame?’ ABC News finds 36 cases invoking ‘Trump’ in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults. What? People are blaming him just because he overtly called for the violence that duly occurred? How bizarre.

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The Death of the Petrodollar

Scotland is now creating twice as much electricity from wind power than it needs to power Scotland.  They have enough energy to start exporting to other parts of the UK.  This is just one example of how the green energy revolution is happening.  Meanwhile, the United States is still clinging to an almost 50 year…

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“No Lives Matter”

David Seidenberg of the Times Of Israel has a powerful new blog-entry about Trump. “Appalled at the loss of life on the border?” he asks. Don’t be. “Trump bragged that he could commit murder in broad daylight and win; we always knew he was this person” Seidenberg is also the creator of the above cartoon.

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