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Big Story, Scary Source

Below, you will find a video in which the award winning journalist, writer, and social Christian theorist Chris Hedges interviews Richard Wolff, who is among the most important Marxist economists and philosophers of our day. They talk about the decline of American capitalism, and the all too likely demise of American society. Watching it would…

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Patriot Games

I have been fascinated lately by how easily politics in general, and Right Wing politics in particular, can pervert and destroy language, even reduce the most decent words to something genuinely quite vile. Take “patriot” for instance. To be a patriot is, I think, a good thing. To defend your nation against enemies, and advance…

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Measles And Parents, A Warning

There is a fascinating and disturbing article over on the Washington Post site. In My parents didn’t tell me they skipped my vaccines. Then I got sick. Josh Nerius recounts how his counter-culture, anti-Vaxxer parents didn’t have him vaccinated as a child, and didn’t bother to let him know that he was unprotected. And then,…

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Secret Listing of the NRA Board of Directors, 2019-2020

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By K. Thomas Ross “[The NRA’s] promotional and propaganda … constitute its major reasons for existence. It does not … relieve the government of its burden of [gun safety and military gun training] education. If [the NRA] should succeed to any large extent in teaching the youth of the nation to shoot, without at the…

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