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Joe Biden Enters Race

Joe Biden has officially entered the race for president of the United States. Ending literally months of speculation about his plans, Biden made his announcement early this morning (15 April, 2018) via social media with a video stressing the racism and hatred of Donald Trump, as opposed to the acceptance and tolerance which Biden says…

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I’m Not Ready to Make Nice

By Michael E. Berumen For nearly two years prior to the 2016 election, liberal commentators and analysts described Donald Trump’s supporters as disaffected white working-class voters or by similar appellations. These disaffected voters, they would observe, felt as though they had been left behind, that they were effectively disenfranchised and marginalized in society. They would…

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USA: The Stupid or Mind Controlled?

I’m still trying to figure this one out… Are 40% of Americans really that stupid that they would constantly vote against their own interests?  Or have 40% just been that sucessfully mind controlled? Either way it isn’t good, but to move forward maybe we need to know what the problem is?  Maybe 4G can only…

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The Annual Meeting of the NRA

animated GIF of flaming gun

By K Thomas Ross The NRA’s annual meeting this year is at the Indianapolis Convention Center the weekend of April 26-28. The main hotel is the JW Marriott next door. The event has speakers, entertainment, and “15 acres of guns and gear”. tRump will speak again at the NRA Convention. Both share a similar constituency…

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Trump’s on Defense

This is my subjective opinion; Trump seems to have officially lost his offensive position.  We spent the last 2 years with him rambling on like the incoherent psychopath that he is, all while him being held accountable for nothing because Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.  I’ve even personally seen a schizophrenic speak in strange…

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4. Interlude with Pigs

Editor’s Note: Long term readers will know that we are running a series of short, comic pieces by Luke Haines which whack selfish Baby Boomers and/or Dragons (six of one). This week, we get the Ermitrude the pig, plus the Bechdel Test. “Jeeeeeeeeesus…” I winced as I sat up. I’d slept in my clothes, which…

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