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Spy vs Spy vs …Stupidity

Fascinating article over on the Washington Post site, Mar-a-Lago is a counterintelligence nightmare by Ali Soufan. Soufan is an intelligence expert, and he has just taken a look at the recent incident when a Chinese national was arrested at Trump’s “Winter White House” with a USB drive full of malware. (Curious how that little affair…

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The Death Of Higher Education

From The Editor’s Desk: There have been several interesting articles in the press lately about just how awful it is to be an academic in America these days, particularly if you are an adjunct. Basically, what’s happened in the last forty years or so is that the universities have shifted most teaching tasks to non-tenured…

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MAGA: 3/5ths Compromise

Senate Republicans are absolutely dumbfounded at the radical Democratic idea floating around that all people in this country should be allowed to vote, without voter suppression, or even without extensive gerrymandering.   This led to lots of discussion going on behind closed doors on Capitol Hill.  Topics ranged from how if we let more black…

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Climate Change Migrations

Desert 1

I’ve  been reading recently about how the now “dry corridor” in Guatemala and Honduras has caused the recent migrations of people out of Central America.  After 5 years of subsistence farming in drought conditions some people have given up  trying to live there anymore. What I would like to add to this discussion is that now …

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6. Meet Mr. Dragon

Editor’s Note: Luke Haines has a done a series of parodic pieces about just how much his generation doesn’t care for Baby Boomers and other nasty people (like editors). This week, we meet …the Dragon! Who looks surprising familiar. Almost like an editor. Far above the encampment where the Dwarves were now attempting a sub-par…

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