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A Précis on Reparations: A Moral Imperative

By Michael E. Berumen We often think of reparations in terms of its juridical denotation, that of a criminal compensating a victim for injuries she has incurred. It is a legal remedy intended as both retribution and as a form of restitution for the victims. Such reparations could be made by an individual or even…

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Trumpster Spends $Milllions On PR

Politico is reporting that Seema Verma, the Trump-ster who is supposed to be in charge of Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare has been spending big money on a series 0f GOP-linked consultants to make her look good. The publication notes that she has “…quietly directed millions of taxpayer dollars in contracts to Republican communications consultants during…

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Why DJT Can’t Borrow

A lot of press has been given lately to the billions of dollars in loans lent to Donald Trump by Deutsche Bank.  They were the only lender that would deal with him after his repeated bankruptcies.  Below is a timeline of events in chronological order that I believe are all interconnected and point toward a…

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Blarney And Babble

So the other day, which was also St. Patrick’s Day, I was cruising the web and all of a sudden I saw something very curious. It was a posting on Instagram, the image sharing service, and it showed a large St. Patrick’s Day celebration in some city or other. Maybe New York. Maybe Chicago. But…

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Why Are White Killers Humanized?

Here’s an interesting question that’s been posed over on MSNBC site. To wit, after the New Zealand mass killing, at least some media outlets went out of their way to present the killer as a human being. In other words, white mass murderers are not “terrorists.” They are “shooters.” By contrast, notes NBC, Black or…

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