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The WalMart Walkout

I had a strange, vivid dream last night.  I was somewhere in one of those right-to-work states at a Wal-Mart.  I’m not sure if it was Black Friday or when, but a large mob was gathered by the door.  Anyway, right before the door was set to be opened a group of employees quit and…

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On Patriotism

Reflections on its Scope and Limits and the Priority of Justice By Michael E. Berumen Some years ago, I read something in the newspaper that Princeton economist Uwe Reinhardt said about patriotism that has stuck with me. To paraphrase, he said that it was glib and facile to think patriotism merely means love of country,…

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No More Deals!

Interesting article by Max Boot over on the Washington Post website. In The era of Democratic compromise is over, he argues that we are entering a new age of Democratic intransigence. Before, particularly during the Clinton years, he says, Democrats were willing and eager to cut deals with conservatives, with more or less corrupt members…

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Uber & Lyft: Unfair and Unsafe

I’ve done some work for both Uber and Lyft over the last 4 months. I’ve worked for Lyft slightly less because it took them over 3 weeks from the time I signed up until they would actually processed the paperwork.  Most of my experiences were positive; however, over the last couple of days I’ve had…

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Kavanaugh Again!

Kavanaugh Again! Yes, he’s now on the US Supreme Court, so most of the public has lost interest in this man after the initial furor had died away. Not I! I have been following his votes carefully. The most recent ruling on the so-called abortion clinics – actually these clinics provide general health care for…

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