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Russia/China Will Interfere In 2020

This will come as a surprise to nobody, though the GOP will doubtlessly proclaim themselves shocked, shocked…and refuse to admit that it is happening. But, according to NBC, American intelligence agencies are saying it is pretty much certain that China and Russia will both try to interfere in the 2020 elections, hoping to keep useful…

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Facebook Don’t Need No Stinking Transparency

Ever wondered just how much a problem Facebook might be for American democracy? Well, here’s a little hint. The online publication, The Stranger, recently paired with the advocacy research group, ProPublica, to produce a database of all the “dark ads” appearing in American media. Notes The Stranger, “Such ads were used by Russians during their…

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A Field Guide to Christians

Having trouble telling one Evangelist from another? Not sure if the Christian you’re dealing with hates you or not? Well, help is at hand. Writing in Raw Story, Sarah Burns says that a “A new report from the Center for Religion and Civil Culture at the University of Southern California revealed that evangelical Christians can…

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He was a nice guy with a bunch of answers. They wanted to kill him. Could she keep him alive? Fiction by Victor Storiguard.

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tRump Sent N-Waste To NV

Newsweek is reporting that the Trump administration secretly send nuclear waste to a storage facility in Nevada after the state had expressly forbidden the shipment. However, the White House simply ignored the state’s right to control shipments of dangerous materials into its territory. The magazine notes that this incident has inflamed already tense relations between…

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