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Bone Spurs Fraud

So, this isn’t news. You saw it coming. Like Tuesday comes after Monday. But…here goes anyway. It now looks like Der Drumpf got out of the draft by faking his infamous bone spurs. (No. Really. Gosh. What a freaking surprise.) Multiple news outlets are reporting that the two daughters of the now deceased podiatrist who…

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Progressive Troglodytes

So here’s something interesting. Recently, we saw an article on the BBC website about underground farming. It seems there are some serious academics (we mean, very learned individuals) who are suggesting the UK could address some of its food supply problems by taking old coal mines and turning them into underground farms. They are quite…

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The End Of Us All

Just in case you missed it, the naturalist and intellectual David Attenborough just warned the world that unless something is done to deal with climate change, civilization will collapse. The Guardian reports that Attenborough told the UN Climate Change summit that, “The world’s people have spoken. Time is running out. They want you, the decision-makers,…

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Selling America Short

There’s really only one thing that Trump has shown time and time again that he’s really good at, and that’s extracting the wealth out of anything before completely running it into the ground. He’s practically the king of bankruptcies. There’s a good chance he and his associates have shorted the stock market. They know that…

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Radio Marti Smears Soros

Radio Marti, the official US media operation originally developed to broadcast news and information into Cuba, has become embroiled in a serious scandal. In recent months, the TV, Radio, and Internet outlet has broadcast propaganda attacking George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist and prominent critic of Donald Trump. According to the Washington Post, Soros was described…

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