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Vote! Vote! Vote!

More from The Parody Project! And remember, they’re right. Everything does depend on voter turnout. So get out there and vote, Vote, VOTE!    

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Vote! Torpedo The Monkey Business!

So, there’s a fascinating article over on the Atlantic you ought to see. In Was Gary Hart Set Up? James Follows answers his own question with, yeah, probably. You’ll recall that Gary Hart was a frontrunner for president in 1987. But, then, surprise! He was caught in what looked like an affair aboard the U.S.S.…

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I had a conversation with someone the other day that said she wasn’t going to vote because it ‘doesn’t matter’.  All I can say is that with that intent it will matter less as no active vote will be cast by that person. I know people don’t always think of it this way but not…

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Vote The Bastards Out

The Parody Project, a.k.a. the Spooky Men’s Chorus, has some great advice to offer on this date, so close to Election Day. Specifically, Vote The Bastards Out. Sounds like a very good idea.   Here’s the video in an embedded player. Enjoy.  

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