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Stochastic Terrorism Revisited

As I write this, ten pipe bombs have been found in the mails, all heading toward major critics of the Trump Administration. Yesterday, we learned that the targets included the Clintons, President Obama, George Soros, and John Brennan at the offices of CNN. Today, the list has grown to include Vice President Biden and Robert…

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Don’t Throw Away Your Vote!

Yesterday, I asked you to please, Please, PLEASE vote. Well, today, I’m going to ask you for another favor. And it is almost as big. I’m going to ask you not to vote for someone who can’t win. Specifically, I am going to ask you…beg you!…not to vote for a Third Party if it might…

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The Newest Deal!

I thought about what realistically this country needs to help put it back on track. What came to mind was ‘The Newest Deal’. To actually move this country forward ‘The Newest American Deal’ should include all of these components: A firm commitment that the government was established to work for “We the People”. Outlawing lobbying…

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Please Vote

Hi, Everyone, Normally I don’t directly address anyone in my little pieces here on Liberal Resistance. But, today, I’m going to make an exception. In fact, I’m going ask you to do me a huge favor. I’m also going to ask you to do your nation a huge favor. And the world! I’m going to…

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This Midterm, Vote For The Dems!

by Dave McElhaney There’s a radio station here in New Mexico that I listen to which plays rare oldies I like, but it also comes with a political agenda. Their version of the news consists of mostly whitewashing Trump and the occasional vilification of Democratic senators. I found out where the station’s political leanings were…

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Brilliant Book About Putin (And Trump) And Their Minions

There is a powerful book by Clint Watts that everyone should read. Entitled, Messing With The Enemy, it looks at how Putin, Trump, and other enemies of human life have used social media to kill democracy. If you don’t have time to read the book, then definitely take a moment to watch this video. It…

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