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Ditch Mitch! The damage Repulsive Republicans in Congress who support Trump are doing to our economy and our democracy calls for much more than “left-wing antics”   by Marc Keyser Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell and his wife were heckled in a restaurant in Louisville Kentucky by customers. “Why don’t you get out of…

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Murder In the Synagogue!

As many of you have already heard, an unspecified number of those attending a Jewish Sabbath service this morning in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have been killed while others are undergoing surgery in nearby hospitals and still others are being treated for their wounds. The shooter, now in custody, is reported to have said,…

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The Bomber, What We Know

As I write this on Friday, 26 Nov, we still know very little about the man accused of sending at least 12 bombs to Democrats and Trump critics over the last day or so. We know his name, Cesar Sayoc, and we know he has been arrested “in connection” with the bombings. But other than…

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by Elaine Burgess Have you voted yet?  I voted at one of the early voting sites yesterday.  The ballot was long, but the line to get in was not.  Almost all the people voting had gray hair; one person was in a wheelchair and another who was about 19 years old was being herded by his mother.  Since…

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