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Ye Turbulent Priest

Before wishing you all a Happy Halloween, I thought I’d give you a real scare. This is another from my colleague, Arthur Waskow: King Henry II: “Will No One Rid Me of this Turbulent Priest?” On Christmas Day, 1170, King Henry II of England at his castle in Normandy, had just been informed that Thomas…

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Vote Against The Terrors

And so, it is Halloween. In my extreme youth, and in the little dusty town in which I spent my boyhood, it was just a children’s holiday. The Christian Right had not yet decided it was a Satanic celebration. And adults had not yet moved in, making it an occasion for heavy drinking and too…

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GAB Goes Down

Here’s something to brighten your day. NPR is reporting that Gab, the social networking site where the alleged Pittsburgh shooter used to post his hate-filled rants, has ceased operation, at least temporarily. It seems that its payment processors are refusing to work any longer with the site, given its association with a such a horrific act.…

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Bowers May Die…But His Creators?

I read in the paper this morning that Robert Bowers, the man who allegedly killed 11 people in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, may face the death penalty. I suppose that is inevitable. I am not a supporter of capital punishment. I don’t think it should be employed by a civilized nation. But, in this case,…

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I’m not the original author of the below text. Someone posted it on social media tagged as “unknown author”, but it was too perfect of a breakdown, not to share.  I feel it really accurately depicts the mentality of the Republican Trump supporters out there. Enjoy.  Sue gets up at 6 a.m. and fills her…

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VOTE: Don’t Listen To The Naysayers!

We aren’t far, now, from Election Day. In just a few more days, we will have our best chance of stopping Trump before 2020. But, let’s confess, it’s hard to stay optimistic. Already, the media is saying that the GOP is rebounding, and that the blue flood is being reduced to a blue trickle, or…

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