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Found On The Web: Bobby Goodlatte

Bobby Goodlatte is the son of Bob Goodlatte, a GOP Congressman and Trump Toad. The son, however, is nothing like the father, and has actually been working to support Goodlatte Sr.’s rival, Jennifer Lewis. Now, he has taken on his father’s…and Trump’s …role in the firing of Peter Strzok. Bravo Mr. Goodlatte. The younger one,…

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We Will Have To Keep Fighting

I keep wondering, what will we do with the GOP when Trump is gone? And, almost as importantly, how will we deal with the memory of Trump’s crimes? The crimes committed by him, and aided and abetted by the Republican Party? I am not certain, but I think we will have to fight long and…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

Do you ever wake up thinking, “Dear God, let there be no Trump news today?” Well, us too. But, alas, that perfect morning isn’t here yet. Some of the stories we’re following in the news include:   Crooks and Liars writer News Hound Ellen notes with horror that  Fox News host Jeanine Pirro and two…

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Trickle Down, and other urological humor

So, remember Trickle Down Economics? That was when the rich were supposed to get richer and make the rest of us richer too when they bought more stuff and so their money “trickled down” to everyone else. Ronnie Reagan brought us that wonderful idea. Okay, well, Trickle Down is back with us in the form…

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Common Sense things to do after the Trump Era

I know we haven’t gotten rid of Trump yet, but Mueller seems to be closing in and hopefully it is just a matter of time.  I do think we also need to be looking at what can we do unite as liberals/progressives after the end of the Trump era.  Here are some suggestions that I…

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Meme: Steampunk Space Force

Found on the web… From the work of the incredibly talented, and fantastically funny artist Michael Piechocinski. Check out his Instragram page, as well as his personal page.

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The Man In The Singapore Sling

The current issue of the New York Review of Books (16 August, 2018) has several interesting articles on life in the Trumpian Age. One of my favorites is Singapore Sham, by Jessica T. Matthews. In it, Matthews looks at the disastrous meeting between Trump and Kim Jon-un. Her conclusion is a question: Is Trump lying…

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The Primaries Were a Good Start

The primaries were yesterday (8/14/2018) so I hope you all made it out to vote as I did. Every little bit is needed to set us up for success in the November midterm. It looks like we are off to a good start in ramping up for that, and there being a number of progressive…

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