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Found Around The Web

Alas, there was a time when we had no problem with this flag. But then we realized how rarely it was cops actually flying it…   From regain-america’s instgram account.

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The NRA, A Clear and Present Danger

The last few weeks have proven what we all suspected: the National Rifle Association is a serious problem. Not because of guns, specifically, but because it appears to be shot through (no pun intended) with foreign agents. It looks more and more as if the group is not really in the business of promoting, however…

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Star Wars Meets Star Bore: A Very Funny Video

Looking for some relief from the constant stream of bad news that is the Trump Administration? Well, here’s something fun. A while back, sixteen-year-old actress Rory Nicole Ogden teamed up with producer/director Dana Olita and video editor Armin Nasseri to create a very funny, and very good parody of Star Wars, with Donald Trump rather…

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Zero Tolerance & Prolife

Trump is backed by all sorts of interesting people, including many who say they are “prolife,” i.e., very fond of children…at least before they’re born. After that, the little slackers are on their own. But, the point is, you’d think that pro-lifer’s concern for the wellbeing of the unborn would extend to those unborn people…

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