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Children As Their Own Lawyers

In Trump’s immigration nightmare, toddlers in “tender age prisons” are supposed to be their own lawyers in court   By Marc Keyser Families ripped apart and children put in cages, which the Trump administration calls “Tender age prisons.” A new federal court ruling effectively states that undocumented minors are not entitled to legal representation in…

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June 30 Rally For Families

On June 30, there were rallies all over America for immigrant children and immigrant rights. Hundreds of thousands of people showed up in all 50 states and in city after city. We had one such rally here in Albuquerque and our own Matt Blanchfield was there. He sent us these amazing photos of good, honest,…

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Editor’s Note: In homage to the Fourth of July, writer Edward Santella envisions the Declaration of Independence as it would be written today.   When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for a sovereign people to assert their Natural and God-given rights and duties in order to preserve the political ideals and…

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