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The Culture Of Death

Powerful piece over on TruthDig. In Trump, the NRA, Mass Shootings and the American Culture of Death, Bill Blum argues that America has reached a point at which violence, death, gun ownership, and the exclusion of certain out groups have all merged with a final stage of high capitalism in which most people are considered…

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No [Summa] Cum [Laude] Allowed

Okay, this isn’t news. But it is metaphorical. First, we have to mention that there is a scene in Apocalypse Now where Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando) complains that certain idiots in high places are punishing pilots for painting “fuck” on their airplanes, while ordering those same men in the same planes to drop napalm on…

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Focus On The Leaders

Editor’s Note: Hate Liberals? Bite Me recently re-posted the above quote from David Simon to Facebook. Our own William Albee saw it and offers this elaboration and consideration. Many people strongly opposed the confirmation of Gina Haspel to CIA Director because she did not resist on moral grounds the interrogation methods deemed legal by the…

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Christian Nationalists Trying to Merge Church and State

Christian Nationalists have a new cause to fight for in that they are trying to take over our government, or at least place Christian Nationalists in key positions in our government where they can have heavy influence. It’s called “Project Blitz” and it essentially is a plan to join church and state. This is an…

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Roseanne Barred

 It’s harder and harder to find new experiences as one gets older, so imagine my surprise yesterday when, for the first time ever, something Roseanne Barr did actually made me laugh.  Admittedly, what she did was to get fired from her zombified, one-trick-pony sitcom which had been improbably resurrected for a new series, but it…

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The End…Is It At Hand?

Is Western Civilization, as we know it, about to end? That’s been the haunting question we’ve all had to face for the last few decades. Now, Chris Hedges, the Pulitzer prize-winning columnist and activist, is suggesting that we may really and truly be in the end game. Writing in TruthDig, he argues that we are…

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And We Sell Still More Guns

animated GIF of flaming gun

Huffpost is reporting that Donald Trump is working to make it easier and cheaper for US gun manufacturers to sell their product overseas. His greed knows no bounds. Makes perfect sense to me that he is reducing the restrictions on the exportation of death so arms manufacturers and dealers can make a bloody buck. SAD!…

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They Should Be Ours

There is a fascinating article over on Vice that everyone should read. In The Terrifying Trend of White Men Radicalized Online Becoming IRL Terrorists, David Neiwert looks at how young American white males are being lured into the clutches of extreme right-wing and Nazi organizations. In an almost mirror image of the individuals who become…

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