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McCabe and Mr. Mueller

Andrew McCabe has stood down from his role as Deputy FBI director, noticeably ahead of his already-planned retirement in March.  One might think that Trump had something to do with this, what with his having repeatedly voiced his disapproval of McCabe, accusing him of imaginary corruption, mocking his wife’s political ambitions and asking him who…

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Michael Steele?

Several observers have been quick to praise Michael Steele, “former seminarian,” for castigating “evangelical” Trump supporters. This is ridiculous on multiple counts. First, Steele helped create this mess. He was Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) when President Obama took office and actively encouraged his Republican buddies in their sedulous quest to oppose anything…

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Teddy IV Says Watch It!

Theodore Roosevelt

Remember Theodore Roosevelt? You know, the president who basically created the modern Federal government? And who, in spite of his many admitted shortcomings, was never-the-less one of the most important and effective presidents in US history? And who, by the way, championed conservation? Well, he had kids. In fact, he has a modern name-sake, Theodore…

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State of The Disunion

The Orange Wonder will be doing his State of the Union speech this p.m. It should be fascinating, to say the least. In fact, it could go down in history for being among the most bizarre presidential statements on record. Why? Well… Item: Der Drumpf will, in effect, be selling advertising on his speech. According…

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Repeal the Trump Tax Cut for Billionaires!

by Marc Keyser 
Let the Rich pay their own damn Taxes
! News commentator Lawrence O’Donnell had this to say about the Trump Tax Bill, “You are seeing in the United States Senate on the Republican side of the aisle, with this tax legislation, is the ugliest display of pigs at the trough that I have…

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Putin’s Handmaiden

The theme of the so-called president doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin seemed a bit overblown until recently. Today is the deadline for our president to implement sanctions against Russia as required in a bill that passed the House of Representatives by 419 to 3 and the Senate by 98 to 2. Last October, Senator…

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The State of the Union Address

The so-called president will soon give his first, and we can hope his last, State of the Union address. For anyone who has been paying attention and learned, even before he ran for president, that he lies incessantly and nothing he says is the least bit reliable, this will be something of an exercise in…

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