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Panama Papers – Malta, Part II

Peter H. Salus  [Editor’s Note: Liberal Resistance writer Peter Salus recently published a piece on an under-reported story from October, when Maltese journalist and noted anti-corruption campaigner Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered by car bomb. Caruana Galizia was a vocal critic of the government of Malta, a small island nation near Sicily.] In under 24…

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Still Not Safe in Alabama

By Alicia R Norman Many of my black family and friends have this running joke about stocking up on food and gas before passing through Mississippi and Alabama due to their not-so-pleasant racial histories. While states like Missouri have an official NAACP travel advisory due to dangerous cop pull over rates for African Americans, sadly,…

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Repent Ye Sinners…and Vote Liberal

Here’s one we got from our friend Brent Williams. It seems that the movement to claw Christianity back from the Right is gaining steam, and has been getting some pretty big league supporters. For example, Susan Thistlethwaite, writing in Huffpost, reports on The Boston Declaration, an appeal by liberal (and other) clergy to redeem the…

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Panama Papers – The Maltese Farce

By Peter H. Salus Most people, I guess, associate Malta with either Humphrey Bogart and Sidney Greenstreet pursuing a “black bird,” or a small dog.  Perhaps a few know that it’s the smallest member of the European Union, with 436,000 citizens on a few islands south of Sicily totaling 122 sq. Miles. But Malta has…

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The Lighter Side Of Terrorism

By Luke Haines Call this controversial, but I’d like to thank this week’s attempted suicide bomber in New York. I know, I know. “Crazy Liberal THANKS Muslim suicide bomber,” they’ll cry. It’s just… it’s been a tough year, y’know? We’re all tense and stressed by the political situations at home and abroad, climate change is…

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Osprey, Me, Grief

By Michael Jay Tucker I write this, in my head, as I walk my dog in the park not far from my house. It is a pleasant afternoon. December is quite nice in the area in which I live. Winter only really starts here in January. So, at the moment, it is lovely, crisp day,…

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