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Trump Begins His Re-Election Campaign

By J.D. Munch Almost eight months in to what can safely be described as the worst presidency in the history of the United States, Donald Trump has launched his first re-election ad. This came in the immediate aftermath of the Charlottesville racism and domestic terror incidents, events that Trump handled as badly as he has…

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Call the Alt-Right What They Are – Nazi Fucking Cowards

The White Supremacists at the rallies on the campus of the University of Virginia and in Charlottesville, VA. are Nazis. They are not an Alt-Right political group. The term Alt-Right is an attempt by the likes of Steve Bannon and the Breitbart New Network to make racism, bigotry and fascism main stream and socially acceptable.…

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All Roads Lead Back to U2

By @BossBird17 My intention for my first blog had been to acquaint whoever may read my musings about my pre-election life and my journey to Twitter and “The Resistance” after the elections. Sadly, this alternate universe that we find ourselves living in had other plans for me. Yesterday, I read in my local paper about…

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We the People Can Survive

Trump’s agenda by far is right-winged.  Trump was born with a silver spoon, has worked the system since he was old enough to do business and for all of his “only I can fix it” theology one might have to consider exactly what he means.  He cooked the books in Midtown Manhattan in the late…

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What is Kim Jong-Un Doing?


History lesson, the us does not have a peace treaty with DPRK. What was signed was an armistice. It is basically a cease fire agreement and a document that outlines the terms for release of POW’S. It also set up the borders of DPRK as the 38th parallel and installed a DMZ. Furthermore, it restricted…

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Common Ground – The Starting Place

In order to progress and overcome the current trend and forward motion of our government and thereby, our country, we have to learn how to relay the value system of Progressives. There are extremes on both sides. It is our job to find common ground, to rediscover the base of American belief and remind the…

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The Cult of Kim Jong-un

The people saying that North Korea isn’t crazy and doesn’t have a death wish are half right. While it may be true the people may be starving, and turning against Kim Jong Un (KJU), you must also remember that DPRK is more cult than country. They believe he is a God, that he is their…

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