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Trump’s Unraveling Russian Narrative

By J.D. Munch In case you have not yet learned this, President Trump is a prolific liar. This was true years ago, and it remains true today. Anyone holding notions of a presidential turn that would reveal a new gravitas and respect for the institution in which he operates should, by now, accept that this…

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Houston and Ireland, Famine and Flood

So, as I write this, the web is alive with liberal outrage about Donald Trump’s response to the flooding in Houston. It seems that our dear and glorious Commander in Chief, who daily gives instruction to God, has made a few faux pas in his response or lack there-of to the natural disaster which goes…

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Trump’s Skewed Sense of Law and Order

By J.D. Munch Friday night, August 25, the nation focused on Hurricane Harvey bearing down on Texas. In the meantime, Donald Trump used that cover to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, his political ally best known for illegally targeting Latinos in police actions. This act falls within the presidential pardon powers, to be sure. But for…

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A Most (Un) Civil War

Haven’t we seen it all before? I mean, not necessarily Trump. He may be sort of new. Though, I suppose, you could make an argument that Andrew Jackson was a bit like him. Jackson, like Trump, came to power by appealing to the lowest possible denominator. He gained, in other words, the votes of those…

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Would We Survive an Economic Fallout?

By T.L. I have never been a conspiracy theorist and in truth have never given too much serious thought to survivalist concepts but as I read our current ongoing history in the making, see the references to the stock market crash and the Great Depression, I begin to truly realize that economic collapse is one…

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Kill People and Win: Trump’s Faux Afghanistan Strategy

By J.D. Munch On August 21, Donald Trump read a speech from his teleprompter. All indications are that he managed not to ad lib a single time, undoubtedly to the great relief of his staff. The result was a speech that, if you chose not to think about what he said and did not say,…

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Shining Faces in the Golden Light

It’s funny how it will hit you. Reality, I mean. The sudden realization that, by God, this is real. This is concrete. This is not something that’s happening…elsewhere. To other people. To people whose names you do not know. For me, I suppose it was Charlottesville that did it. I suppose it was watching the…

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We’ve Been Here Before

By James Carter It seems with each passing day this nation moves closer and closer toward a genuine constitutional crisis, owing to the continuous instability and outrageousness of the Trump administration.  Most of us have very likely lost track of many of its outrages even though some occurred only months or even weeks ago—doesn’t that…

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