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Donald Trump and the I-Word “IMPEACHMENT”

By J.D. Munch We have found the gun, and it is smoking. Donald Trump, Jr., undeniably sought to collude with a Russian lawyer, and believed he was going to gain information as “part of Russia and its government’s support of Mr. Trump” in the campaign. The Russia “witch hunt,” as President Trump likes to call…

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The Rank Hypocrisy of Trump’s Transgender Order

By J.D. Munch On Wednesday, July 25, Donald Trump announced—on Twitter, of course—that he would be banning all transgender individuals from serving in the United States military. The move, on which Trump claimed to have consulted “my Generals and military experts,” came as a surprise to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon, and the…

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Picking Apart the Trump Jr. Defenses

By J.D. Munch When Donald Trump, Jr. released his email exchange with Rob Goldstone setting up his now-infamous meeting with Russian operatives, we can only assume Trump and his supporters and sycophants were already working to develop a defense. After all, Trump’s campaign fund has already started paying Jr.’s legal fees. Sean Hannity may have…

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Organized Labor Helping Trump Destroy Labor Rights

J.D. Munch The fight to resist Donald Trump’s presidency has never been merely a matter of party affiliation. His policies, and his political and personal horrors, damage the office and the nation beyond the level of conservative ideals, in ways that should frighten honest people all across the political spectrum. In the process, he has…

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Trump Resistance – Totally Unprepared

no donald

By J.D. Munch I have been away from television for the last five days so I have depended on my phone for the latest breaking news.  I have watched my twitter account and felt the alarm in my Twitter comrades over the events of the past few days.  First it was the hype leading up…

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The Similarities Between Trump’s America and Early Nazi Germany

By J.D. Munch One enduring rule of United States political discourse for several decades is that no one should ever compare another politician or event to Hitler, Nazi Germany, or the Holocaust. The reasons are twofold. First, Hitler and the events he created present a case study in evil. Hitler cruelly, calculatingly set up the…

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Trump’s War on the Media – Reminiscent of Nazi Germany

There are dark clouds gathering on the horizon of free speech. Every American understands how important the press is to this fundamental right. It might seem kind of ironic, but if you scan the very news organizations that Donald Trump is attacking, you’ll see how his war on the media is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.…

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