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Could Donald Trump Declare Martial Law?


– by J.D. Munch Early in the Republican primary campaigns, Donald Trump felt like a historical curiosity, an oddity whose reality star brashness gave a new flavor to the usual political dynamic in which those campaigning simultaneously describe the U.S. as the greatest country in the world and a country with severe problems to which…

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Don’t Give Up Now

[:en] Guest blogger Greta Weiner From www.theinclusivelife.com With all the venom and Executives Orders coming out of the White House and Trump’s cabinet, don’t get overwhelmed and give up.   We’re not even one month into his presidency and we have a long way to go.  There are lots of articles telling you how to stay…

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So here’s a little fact. Senator Marco Rubio (R) introduced a bill in 2015 that cut the government subsidies to Obamacare. He said we had to quit bailing out the insurance companies. As a result, the insurances companies had to raise their rates for 2016. Then we have the election. Dems get blamed for the…

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Why do we need Federal Regulations?

The Executive Order requiring the repeal of two regulations for each new one is totally naïve and bad governance.  To reach that conclusion, you must know how laws get implemented. When Congress passes a new law, how do you think it gets implemented?  The Legislative Branch of the Federal Government writes the laws, but it…

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What Trump’s Illegal Immigration Order Really Means—and How to Fight

by J.D. Munch Resisting Trump feels at times like an exercise in futility. The Republican Party has control of Congress, which seems content to let Trump’s worst qualities and tendencies go unchecked. Our sources of information are deemed “fake news,” and his most ardent supporters still consider the administration as the only source of actual…

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The Migrant Resistance

I am a Mexican immigrant woman and I am part of 3 “minority groups”. It thought it was funny when I heard Donald Trump saying he was running for president. I was perplexed when I witness his points of view about immigrants, women and absurd childlike reactions. At the same time, I felt relieved realizing…

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My Love Hate Relationship with the New President

I never really followed politics.  I have issues I know, some that affect me directly and I vote and sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but overall. I never really cared too much.  Not enough to write a sign and go to a march, not even enough to write a letter.  But this last year,…

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Trump Towers and Golf Courses: More of What’s Wrong With Trump’s Refugee Ban

By now, we all realize how many different things are wrong with Donald Trump’s refugee ban beyond merely the humanitarian implications. More and more, noteworthy news organizations are uncovering some geographical and business implications about the potential conflict of interest for the new President. But first, in case you missed anything along the way, here’s…

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