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Resisting Trump

What a first week! President Trump has issued a flurry of executive orders to “make things happen.” Between the inauguration address and his actions that have followed, he has made clear his agenda: establish the world as a dark, dangerous place, flush with horrors that only he can combat. And those horrors include everyone from…

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Here’s What Our Canadian Friends Can Expect From Donald Trump

We might not think about them too much unless someone brings up hockey or just generally how polite they are, but Canada has been America’s ally for years now in a variety of different circumstances. One thing for certain, our friends up north have always stood by us and now with our new president, those…

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Are You Coming To The Tree?

2016 was a crushing disappointment as calendar years go. We’ve lost luminaries and visionaries who showed us things about themselves that gave us courage and hope or at the least, a poetically accurate picture of our own humanity. The losses of David Bowie, Prince, Lou Reed, Muhammad Ali, Merle Haggard, Phife Dawg, and the Field…

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Liberal Resistance—What Comes Next?

-by J.D. Munch Inauguration Day approaches quickly, hurtling toward us like a runaway train. But more than two months after the election, many of us remain stunned. Yes, this is really happening. Despite all the information we already had about Donald Trump, and despite the multitude of racist, sexist, and generally odious statements and actions…

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America in the Trump Era (and what you can do about it)

Martin Luther King Jr started out as a Baptist minister. He came from a family of people who ministered the word of God including a grandfather who was a rural minister who moved to Atlanta in 1893 to take over a congregation there. By 1944, the younger clergyman in waiting was already beginning to question…

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Trumpism – A Millennial View Point


I am a millennial in the era of Trumpism. Like many of my twenty-something’s, I am caught in a tug-of war. Rage tugs at my limbs on one side. I see the typhoon of hazards looming ahead for our nation and our planet as the Trump inauguration more closely approaches — threats to the environment,…

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The Day My Country Raped Me

I was a wild-eyed, fidgety four-year-old with tangled hair and boundless energy. I shifted, restless, one foot to the other as my mother put the finishing touches on my American Day History costume. A flowered dress, matching bonnet, simple shoes, and picket sign that read, simply, “Votes for Women,” I was the cutest little suffragette…

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