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Secret Listing of the NRA Board of Directors, 2019-2020

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By K. Thomas Ross “[The NRA’s] promotional and propaganda … constitute its major reasons for existence. It does not … relieve the government of its burden of [gun safety and military gun training] education. If [the NRA] should succeed to any large extent in teaching the youth of the nation to shoot, without at the…

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“Wellspring of Life”

The Trump administration has officially announced they will be doing a casting couch call for a “League of American Girls” reality TV show starring America’s favorite pussy-grabbing President Donald J. Trump.  Only the most “American” girls will be chosen.  They promise twice the pussy grabbing of any Miss Teen USA pageant, EVER.  Wink, wink… (think…

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Help The Founder Of The Christian Left

We don’t often post links to Gofundme sites, but this one is different. Charles Toy is the founder of the Christian Left, a progressive organization that has done much to de-link Christianity from the Radical Right. It is a good organization and Mr. Toy is a good man. Unfortunately, Mr. Toy has run into some…

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These People Are Crazy

LR Net’s home office is (at the moment) in New Mexico. That means we tend to pay lots of attention to border-related stories. One of those that has been in the news lately is that of the ultra-right wing militia group that was patrolling the border and holding “illegal” immigrants (some of whom weren’t illegal…

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