Mission Statement

When Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, the founders of LiberalResistance.net felt it imperative to create the space for expressing dissent and speaking truth to power online, utilizing collaborative and accessible content to protect truth and empower others.

Donald Trump

We at LiberalResistance.net view it as our civic duty to resist an illegitimate and unjust Trump presidency. Trump represents and espouses a poorly cloaked institutional slide from deteriorating democracy into corporatized fascism in America. Trump’s political platform was created and propelled upon grounds of fear-crazed separatism, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, racism, and the like. The danger that his administration poses to our nation’s most vulnerable communities, and to our nation’s moral fabric as a whole, is multiplied by the fact that he has continually chosen like-minded discriminatory, predatory and xenophobic cohorts to fill his administration and advise his transition to power. At LiberalResistance.net, we view the illegitimate election of Donald J. Trump as a disgrace to democracy and as a threat to the existence of America as we know it.

LiberalResistance.net will stand against Trump and his fascist regime. We at LiberalResistance.net believe that the most powerful weapon that can be utilized to preserve democratic legitimacy and collective organizing in these uncertain times is to uplift the voice of the people and speak consistent truth to power. It is our vision at LiberalResistance.net to provide a transparent, empowered forum within which writers, organizations, businesses, activists and everyday people can communicate their vital perspectives and keep dissenting democratic discourse alive.

Democratic Discourse Alive

History shows us that the Trump regime will do everything in its power to silence all opposition. We predict that The Donald will attack the media directly and he will unleash his hoard of dangerous, violent, racist, “Alt-Right” lunatics via Twitter on anyone who stands up to expose his lies. He will also use his inner circle of “Alt-Right” racist operatives to promote a new form of mass counter intelligence. This new method of crushing decent will result in violence against those who dare to stand up and speak the truth against America’s first dictator. It is our unwavering mission at LiberalResistance.net to speak out despite any external silencing pressures we may encounter. Our diverse collective of contributors all serve to uphold truth and protect the values of equality, justice and service through the work we publish here.

It is our hope that LiberalResistance.net will create the space to uphold a narrative of duty to democratic principles and alliance with America’s vulnerable communities in the face of an unprecedentedly unstable political climate. The America we have known is no longer. We seek to provide a space for freedom of expression and the preservation of collective opposition that may defend truth and fairness in the months and years ahead.

LiberalResistance.net will use digital marketing, social media messaging, content amplification, search engine optimization, media manipulation, public relations and other means to counter the false information the Trump Administration will deluge the media and internet with daily. We will coordinate with other motivated
individuals and organizations in an effort to disseminate real information and expose the fascist agenda.

We are a non-profit. All funds raised from those who wish to fight alongside us will be used to increase our reach and to amplify the truth. We hope you will join us as we stand up against the Trump administration, that we may all organize together for the sake of our families, our broader communities, our nation’s democratic principles and our planet at large.

In solidarity,

Mathew D. Blanchfield